Five Ways to Use an Air Compressor in Your Garden

When you think about an air compressor, the first thing that comes to mind is that you can use it to inflate your car or bicycle tires. Actually, this is only one of the many uses of this piece of equipment in a household. For instance, if you have a garden, you could use an air compressor in ways you may have never imagined. This would enable you to be more efficient in your work and cut some of your costs by not buying various types of equipment. An air compressor is a very versatile device, as it enables you to attach various heads to it and use it in multiple ways.

1. Cleaning Your Tools

Gardening tools can get very dirty, and cleaning them is sometimes a difficult chore. By using an air compressor, you can aerosolize the water coming out from a hose, and use it for cleaning your tools, your storage spaces and even root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. You can also use it for removing all water from inside your garden hose after watering your plants.

2. Powering A Water Pump

Water is becoming more and more expensive, so you should consider using it efficiently, in order to keep your gardening costs low. If you live in a rainy area, you may want to collect rainwater to use it on your crops. There’s an opportunity to store this water in underground tanks, which don’t take a lot of your available space. Nonetheless, getting this water out of these tanks required additional equipment. You can use an air compressor with a water pump head for this purpose.

3. Spraying Your Crops

Spraying aerosolized liquid chemicals over your plants can keep pests and weeds away. This method is better than the traditional methods because it enables you to reduce the amount of herbicides and pesticides on your plants to the minimum possible.

4. Weeding

A powerful air jet can dismantle the roots of various weeds, enabling you to kill them without having to use harsh chemicals that may affect the soil. This method is very effective when you need to prepare a larger surface to receive a crop, and you have to get rid of all weeds without too much effort.

5. Spray Painting

The wood shed where you store your tool, the wooden fence surrounding your garden and the outdoor furniture you use to relax after work may need repainting every few years. You can use your air compressor to spray a thin layer of paint on these items, the result being an uniform coating, without uneven areas. Besides, it’s much easier and more efficient to handle a pain sprayer than a brush, so you can expect your painting jobs to take you way less time than traditional methods.

These are five ways you can use your air compressor in your gardening activity. Some of them require the purchase of additional heads, but this idea can decrease your costs and boost your productivity, so it’s worth giving it a thought or two.

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